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Registration for the International Radiation Physics Society


The IRPS has no entrance fee requirement, only triennial (3-year) membership dues.
In view of the IRPS unusually low-cost dues, there is no one-year dues option
(Council action October 1996).
Dues periods are by calendar years, to allow annual dues notices.
For new members joining prior to July 1 in a given year, their memberships will be considered to be effective
January 1 of that year, otherwise January 1 of the following year.
For current members, their dues anniversary dates are similarly January

Corporate and Organisational Membership is also available.   Click here for information

Membership dues (stated in US dollars) are currently:

Full Voting Member: 3 years     Developed country  $75.00          Developing country  $25.00

Student Member:     3 years     Developed country  $30.00          Developing country  $10.00

Registration and payments (for new and continuing membership) can be made by post, paypal
or via internet (credit card only).
Click on the button below which suits your payment.

For further information regarding membership: [email protected]

Form for Registration by Post :   WORD 

(Credit Cards only)

Click on the "Subscribe" button below which fits your payment

You do not need to have a PayPal account.
When you have connected to PayPal, at the bottom of the PayPal page
there is a statement which says :

Don’t have a Paypal account? Use your credit card or bank account.

Click on that link and it opens to the normal payment page where you enter your credit card number and give an email address.

Membership Type

When payment has been made, please fill out the

Membership Registration Form

and send it, with a copy of the internet payment receipt, to the Secretary,
as indicated on the Registration Form

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